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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fondant is my new favorite thing - Jax's birthday partay

Meet Jaxson - he is my nephew who just turned the big 3

he likes cake and REALLY likes candy
sometimes he might ask you if you want some candy
you may think he is being really thoughtful of you and your sweet tooth
and then you will find out that he expects you to share with him

yeah and not only is he a baseball star, he is also spiderman

so I asked my sister-in-law if I could make his birthday cake and she told me the party was baseball themed and that chocolate was the flavor so this is what you get. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and covered in fondant. I loved making it, it was my second thing to make with fondant so far and I think I found my new favorite medium.
I made the home plate out of peanut butter cookie and frosted it w/ the chocolate icing that was also on the cake and then covered it with fondant.
Then I baked the cake in a glass bowl so it was shaped like a baseball, kinda cut a hole in the middle, filled it with frosting and then covered the outside with frosting, then fondant, then piped his name and laces on with some homemade frosting.
It was fun, but it didn't quite look complete. Fortunately Crystal Shea and Andy stayed the night with me and Crystal is good at anything art related and suggested I do the baseball field on the home plate. Good advice.

This is Crystal and Andy and their baby hank - loves them.
Crystal makes cool things like this

And her script skills are mad like this -

anyways lots of pictures this time, hope you like. want me to bake you a cake? okay.

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